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About Community Exchanges

COMMUNITY EXCHANGES are Member-Regulated Marketplaces that support all 5 types of Capital through promotions, matching needs, and transactions.
1. Social (Networking & Collaboration)
2. Human (Labor, Careers & IP)
3. Natural (Resources and Land)
4. Produced (Goods and Services)
5. Financial (Currency & Assets)
     - SEC Compliance Option
     - No Transaction Fees

The Community Exchange Network features 3 Exchange types. 
• Membership in any Exchange applies across the Community Exchange Network, but Partner requirements may vary.
1. MyCommunityX.net
• Registration site for individuals, groups and organizations that don't meet the criteria of Vertical or Partner Exchanges
• Marketplace for Members irrespective of where they Registered
• Gateway for Members to search content across the entire Community Exchange Network.
• Connects Members within a large number of common interest groups.
• Connects Members of an organization that shares a mutually beneficial contractual agreement with Community Exchanges LLC.
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