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Getting Started on with Free Membership

Primarily designed to engage a group of investors or lenders in a 100% Private (unpublished) Community to explore new opportunities using Listings.

Free Members can form an investor or lender Community of people they know, post Listings seeking syndication with people they don't know, search for deals that meet their criteria. Everything is free until you decide to contact someone new.

• Create a Basic Member Profile
• Establish your Contact Rules
• Adjust Privacy Settings.
• Converse with Referrals who become Contacts upon Registration.
• Make 5 new Contacts through Communities, Forums, Events, Listings, etc.

• Join one Community
• Comment in Discussions
• Converse with your Contacts
• Create one Community with Forums
• Converse with every Member.
• Issue Community Key invitations making them Contacts.
• Members can connect free by adding each other as Referrals

Create one Exchange Listing to promote what you're offering or seeking. Contacts can respond free. but Premier upgrade required to respond to others.

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